About Mouse and Castle

We love Disney. And we love Disney Vloggers.

Getting Our Disney Fix

When we’re not at Walt Disney World, we’re dreaming of being at Walt Disney World. And the best way to do that is living vicariously through all the hard work and dedication of the growing Disney Vlogger community. But there’s a problem. YouTube doesn’t make it easy to get that fix. So we got an idea.

All Your Favorite Disney Vloggers in One Place

Mouse and Castle gathers your longtime favorite Disney Vloggers in one easy-to-use site that will let you watch video after video of Disney-World-related information. No sidetracking suggestions to other subjects. Just pure Disney World.

We’re Here to Help the Vloggers

We think this great big beautiful community is worth sharing with the world. That’s why our goal is to help these talented people reach a new audience. Every view of a Vlogger’s video on MouseAndCastle.com is attributed to their stats on YouTube and we all know, more views is good news for them. So you can sit back and binge watch as much as you want without worry.

Always Growing

We also hope to introduce you to Vloggers you might not know and we’ll keep scouring YouTube for new Disney Vloggers. Because showing multiple points of view helps inform first-time and long-time visitors to all Disney World has to offer.

Is There Ever Too Much Disney World?

Our own friends and family scoff at the number of times we’ve been to Disney World. But because they keep changing — everything from attractions and shows to shops and menus — there’s always something new to report and learn about.

No Click Bait

We may occasionally place select ads on the website, but it will never be a click-bait site. We promise.